Basketball Jones

It’s almost time to fill out your 2009 NCAA bracket, Buster. Now
years running, the EWM Yahoo! NCAA men’s basketball tournament pick’em welcomes
all who dare to pick against the the savviest basketball futurologists in blogland. Do you tremble at the thought? Then sign up! At no cost to you, join
this year’s group on Yahoo!,

Emarchinal Picktelligence (ID#35873)
.  If you have questions, dish me a
behind-the-back email: dmueller at Invite your friends.
Invite your arch-nemeses. The group holds the next forty-nine who sign up.
What’s at stake is more valuable than money: hoops ethos.

Yahoo! Tournament Pick’em

Group: Emarchinal Picktelligence (ID# 35873)
Password: ewm
Firm up your picks after the selection show on Sunday, March 15. The latest you
can sign up is five minutes before the round of 64 tips off on Thursday, March


  1. Good luck with that title defense, Billie.

    I aspire to tie or beat my personal best of a third-place finish in 2007.

  2. I’m registered for the third year in a row, and this will probably be the third year in a row that I’m last or next to last! woot!

  3. Great, Michael! I finished tenth last year out of, what, 17?. Always room for improvement, as I see it, at least until I score a $10,000 prize for picking every game in the tournament correctly. This could be my year.

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