Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Picktaneous Bracketbustion

Almost time once again to close your eyes and guess away as you fill out your bracket for this year's NCAA basketball tournament. That's right. Make picks against the sharpest basketball futurologists in all of blogspace for the fourth consecutive year. You are hereby invited to join this year's tournament group on Yahoo!, Picktaneous Bracketbustion (ID# 43131). Free, free, free (steep costs if you have any pick-making pride, however). Questions? Go ahead and dish me an email: dmueller at earthwidemoth.com. All are welcome, bloggers, non-bloggers, referees, whiners, and even those who, as if they'd been bumped on the head, would pick Ohio State to go all the way (kidding?). The group will hold 1 winner and 49 others who, come April, can at least say, "hey, nice that it's April." At stake: prestige, reputation, etc. Promote this at your own blog, too, if you're so inclined (also circulate it via email, listservs, whatever).

Yahoo! Tournament Pick'em
Group: Picktaneous Bracketbustion (ID# 43131)
Password: ewm
Set your picks after the selection show on Sunday, March 11. Sign up before the start of round one, five minutes before tip-off on Thursday, March 15.

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I haven't watched a game all year, and I don't think I've entered a pool since I was 19, except once when I taught middle school. But I joined! Watch me come in last place. :)

Posted by: Michael Faris at March 12, 2007 10:25 PM

I'm glad you're in, Michael. Risk is the price of genius, right? I've watched a little bit of basketball this year, but as I turn to formalizing selections, I'm afraid it doesn't seem especially helpful considering there are a whole bunch of teams in the tournament I haven't seen.

Posted by: Derek at March 13, 2007 12:56 PM