Espejos y Ventanas

Steve Parks has posted
a nice run-down
about the latest book from New City Community Press, Espejos y
.  Several of us from SU’s writing program made the trip to
Philly last weekend for the release event.  The book’s production is
intriguing for several reasons. The translated-text layout–one side in Spanish,
the adjacent page in English–struck me as one of the more interesting, unique
features of its production. I’m sure we’ll take it up more fully in class on
Tuesday.  Reading Canagarajah’s Geopolitics draws a provocative
correlation between community press initiatives and overhaul in academic
publishing, especially when we consider the potentials of publishing in multiple
languages or in ulterior spaces.


  1. re: cartwheels

    i’ll be doing them with you–if it’s not icy enough to make that a serious health hazard! i did one in the basement tuesday. of course, unlike you, i’m short enough to do them in the basement!

    which, really, is probably a distinguishing enough difference even at that distance to tell our waves apart. but i’m sure i’m more manic & visibly, physically _silly_ about whatEVER i do than you are!

  2. Fair enough.  My silliness lately is a fairly chaste variety, but then I’m in my first semester–all nerved up about seeming to take things seriously. Being in a new situation means that I have to informally survey various senses of humor.  But I’m doing cartwheels, if only in my glad-its-the-end-of-semester thoughts.  Turning real cartwheels: I’ll be the one on a stretcher.  Bonus context

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