SU has football?

OttoBeen such a busy semester, I had no idea (well, except that I’ve
enjoyed working with a few
members of the team in 105). Explanation: neither my BA or MA alma maters field
football squads. Turns out the Orange
pounded Boston College today, 43-17
(hooray!)  Should’ve beat Temple,
but, nonetheless, we earned a quarter-slice
of the prestigious Big East title. The radio voices around town are
flapping about a BCS bid. Since Nebraska was woeful this fall, we might have a shot at the Houston Bowl. 

The lesser Orange-surprise today: on the hardwood, the No. 5 basketballers roughed up the Siena Saints by 22 points; moved to 5-0.


  1. What a fab piece of news; we hadn’t heard! (We were at the Colgate women’s disappointing basketball game today.) This means a four-way Big East tie, which we otherwise disappointed WVU fans appreciate. Most of all, it means BC gets the lickin they deserve before they skulk out of the conference, and I’m delighted it was at the hands of the Noble Home Team.

  2. I’m only barely keeping up with it, but I was excited to learn that SU was a spoiler. They came close earlier in the year against Florida State. Sending BC out of the conference with an orange cloud over them sure is sweet.

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