By Cruelest Count

Here is a lineup of April tallies that could explain why I
woke up this morning feeling like a bulldozer rolled over me two or three times
in the night. And no, I’m not saying I’m the only one feeling a little bit

No. of nights spent away from home: 8/30

No. of cities visited (more than two hours): 5 (Kansas
City, Detroit, New Orleans, Buffalo, New York City)

No. of miles by plane: 3,300

No. of miles by car: 3,000

No. of times our refrigerator went out: 2

No. of funerals: 1

No. of hours in the Writing Center: 34.5

No. of dead car batteries in a single day: 2

No. of diss. chapters revised: 1

No. of new diss. pages: 0

No. of viruses I hosted in my lungs so you wouldn’t have
to: 1

Did it snow today in Syracuse?: Yes, light flurries.

Hello, May. Here’s to continuing the slow ascent up
Mt. Sappedtheeffout.

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  1. Ouch. Hope May brings better times. In any case, these are some impressive suffering numbers. Glad you survived.

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