Garnett Trade

I won’t lie and tell you I’ve been paying full-on attention to the
after-trade conversations following Kevin Garnett’s hop from Minnesota to
. I’m usually indifferent to the Celtics, but whatever can be said about
the trade, suddenly Boston seems interesting to me. By picking up two
stars from mediocre Western Conference teams in Garnett and Ray Allen, Boston is
back–a contender in what seems to me an opened-up Eastern Conference. The
Pistons have weathered any off-season unraveling (which I expected, to be honest, after the way they tanked against the Cavs). The Bulls are deep with
talent. Cleveland, Toronto, and even New Jersey will likely return to the
playoffs. But Boston? If they realize any chemistry
whatsoever, Boston will be a legitimate contender next season. Tally this
insight in the obvious column.

I mention it because it involves a team for which I have no affinity.
Boston could have floundered for another season, could have remained in a
status quo
holding pattern. They didn’t. And I’m drawn to the
shake-up, pulled in by the new set of what-ifs and off-season speculation, the
confusion, the swap-a-roster, a shuffle followed by who’s where?
Who will surprise? Who will be terrible? I enjoy these off-season
questions more than I enjoy the NBA regular season.