Is. hosted her one-year birthday bash this afternoon–a sunny garden party with
swimming, balloons, grilled foods, friends and more friends, sandbox play, and
cake with ice cream. Today’s celebration was a few days early considering that
she remains an infant until Wednesday, her official birthday. At that
point she will make the full transformation from infancy to toddlerhood (toddlency?).
Of course, you wouldn’t know it by asking her how old she is (How old, kid?).
Do that and she holds up her index finger like she left the infant stage in the
dust weeks ago.

Swim Party


  1. Thanks, Jenny and Joanna. She loves the backyard swimming pool. It was take-your-breath-away cold when I first set it up, but she plunged right in and didn’t seem to mind.

    Officially–as far as I know, Joanna–toddlerhood ends today. One year in, the infants turn to toddlers. If I have time later, I’ll post a video clip of her walking (which started, in earnest, just a few days ago). Walking and high-speed crawling are the big changes that justify being a toddler.

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