I have no idea where this will rank in self indulgence among my
birthday entries
Inspired by Colourlovers, I’ve
cobbled together a few of the latest hues and tints:


Not exactly the color scheme you’d want to use for sprucing up
the CSS on your site, unless you want that site to look something like me.

Happy birthday to other notable Fifthers:

, KB, Marx, Soren K., and Ann B. Davis.


  1. Hrm…what was it I had to say here?

    Oh yeah, thanks everybody. The b-day was a gem: Thai food, a couple of shirts, a paperback copy of Blink, and a copy of Everything is Miscellaneous.

    I wasn’t sure about your question, Chris, but lo and behold, she is alive and well. In fact, the Wikipedia account has it that she was standing among the other cast members from the Brady Bunch when they accepted an award late last month, and she received a standing ovation.

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