Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Cinco de Mayo


You have an array of talents from which to choose.  People find you attractive, charismatic and interesting.  You have a strong will and can be very convincing.  Your personal color helps you integrate joy with stability.  Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Kelly Green allows you to honor any phase of life that you are encountering.  It reminds you to place equal value on both your inner development and your outer position in society including professional merits. [color-chooser via cgb]

Provided that Earth Wide Moth ages in perpetuity, there'll be future birthdays to blog.  On this one, my 30th, I'm content to note that I'm flat out exhausted from house refurbishing (two new phone jacks and glued-down carpet today) . If we had put candles on the cake tonight, I would have wished for a picnic with other May Fifthers: Karl Marx, Ann B. Davis, Kenneth Burke.  What would we talk about?  Stuff from this day in history could start us off.  From there I'm sure somebody would think up something to converse on. Or there'd be croquet, just in case.  Stuff that happened on May 5:

1382 - Battle of Beverhoutsveld - population beats drunken army
1862 - French army intervenes in Puebla, Mexico: Cinco de Mayo
1944 - Gandhi freed from prison
1955 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada test site (Teapot Apple)
1958 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1969 - 23rd NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat LA Lakers, 4 games to 3
2000 - Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Moon

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You forgot 1974: L & T and big brother J welcome in their beautiful baby boy. I'm so glad of it.

Posted by: D at May 5, 2004 11:08 PM

What a nice thing to say in your first comment here! Glad of it? Me too.

Posted by: Derek at May 6, 2004 10:30 PM

Happy Bday!

Wow. Kenneth Burke AND Ann B. Davis.

That's terribly cool.

Posted by: jenny at May 7, 2004 12:07 PM

Thanks, Jenny. And I didn't even mention there'd be corn chips and rum punch at the picnic.

Posted by: Derek at May 8, 2004 9:34 PM