Bad Twin

I finished Gary Troup’s

Bad Twin
this afternoon, reading the last few pages on timeouts during
the Pistons-Cavs game. Bad Twin blends with Lost; the book’s
named author, Gary Troup, is presumed to have perished in the crash of Oceanic
Flight 815, the same flight-gone-wrong that opens the first season of ABC’s
popular TV show. The manuscript for BT has surfaced in a few of the
episodes; as far as I can recall, only

Hurley and Sawyer have read it
. And now I have too.

Keeping loosely with detective fiction, BT is the story of a private
eye hired by one brother to track down his twin (their birthdays, 8-15
and 8-16). The writing is, well, stylistically novel-gray; that is, I had
the sense all along that what I was reading was drummed up by a team of writers
who developed the manuscript to fit with the clues-to-tease plot progression
shared with the show. It’s not terrible, as novels go, but neither is it
memorable for its language or for the hook of getting lost in another’s mind at

Still, I recommend it to other fans of Lost. It’s a fine example of
transmedia, and a few of the clues in the novel go beyond the immediate
storyarch, tying, as well, to the Lost universe.
The Hanso Foundation and Chief
Technologist Thomas Mittelwerk are mentioned. "Gary Troup," also an

anagram for purgatory
, dedicates the book to Cindy, the flight attendant who
is also his life’s love, and introduces a character named Cindy on a
LAX-Sydney flight in the novel. The blending of the Troup’s fictive realm
and the Lost universe brushes paths for much more speculation than I’ll
tell here. Don’t want to spoil it. Plenty of literary allusions in
BT, plenty of themes that entangle with the TV show, and enough pleasure
to justify reading it for yourself if you’re happily hooked on the show, as I


  1. Hey, my wedding anniversary is 8-15 and my birthday is 8-16. Maybe I am one (or both) of the bad twins!

  2. Wouldn’t be the worst thing. Their goodness and badness shifts around yin-yang-like. Goes to show that 8-15 and 8-16 aren’t so unlucky after all. Just don’t use them for the Megamillions drawing. 😉

  3. We just finished Season 1. I hope the Season 2 reruns will air this summer after the season finale.

  4. I can’t remember if they re-aired season one in order last summer. Seems like they played a few selected episodes, but watching them out of order leaves much to be desired.

  5. I just finished the book, and I agree…it’s not a bad read…but if u love LOST like I do…..IT’S A MUST!!!!

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