CCCC Chicago

Vanishing Point

I snuck away from the conference hotel yesterday afternoon to grab a few photos at the lakefront–one of the many positives to attending a conference in downtown Chicago this week. It was sunny and 45F, perfect for a brisk stroll along the lakeshore.

Initial impressions of the conference: 1. Smooth travels, after de-icing in Syracuse. 2. Can’t get a cell phone signal in the hotel. 3. The “high” speed internet connection rung up at $10 per day. nd cld nly gt ntrmttnt cnnctvty ystrdy ftrnn. I think I could count the baud rate on one hand a few times…or deliver the data packets by passenger pigeon faster than they travelled through the wires. By “high speed,” Hilton, do you really mean, “Hi, Speed” (bc you’re so happy to see Speed when it visits)? No, you’re right, I really don’t need to spend much time with the internets in the days ahead. 4. Good food, great company. And that, of course, makes the conference conferentially satisfying.

Enough. The list will grow, as will the photo set. I’m going to grab something to eat, attend the keynote address and gear up for the talk about CCC Online later this afternoon.