Genu Muchwobbly

No swollen joint photos to document this case of pain from the hardwoods, but
in my weekly Friday afternoon basketball game(s) I did something tendenciously nastytastic to
my left knee.  I’ve never suffered knee problems before (all shoulders and
ankles, my long-ago surgeries), but I’ve observed more than a teammate or two
who suffered season-enders with bad knees.  Only one of them was able to
walk off the floor with a torn ACL (must’ve been partially torn), and he was
back to playing just a few weeks after surgery if I remember correctly. 
Notably, he was also a guy who referred to sprained ankles as "sprung ankles,"
and so, because I’m not a doctor yet, I think it’s excusable to adopt just this
kind of neologism to lighten the self-diagnosis: sprung left knobbler. If, by tomorrow morning,
the pain intensifies, maybe it’s worse than I’ve determined.  But I can
hobble on it, so I’m counting on the injury to be much less severe than some of
the worst cases I’ve witnessed.  Prognosis for watching Superbowl XL:


  1. Thanks. You’d think we’d have a winter around these parts by now so I could have Ph. collect ice packs from the front lawn. Ice from the freezer? In February? In Syracuse, New York?

  2. True. I’m giving the workouts a break and getting happily reacquainted with my slothful self.

    And oh! what a painful Superbowl to watch, with or without a sprained knee.

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