Catch Up

Returned to Syracuse and a load of work–for the courses I’m teaching
online and for 760: Genre Theory.  I’m watching the Pistons-Spurs out of
one eye, futzing with a CMap with the other, and feverishly making up for Friday
and Saturday offline.  I can never predict the ratio between workload and
blogging impulse; every time I predict a lull, I take it up a notch in this
space–oddly. I say this because the days ahead appear to be solidly, solidly packed.

Here are a few photos from the camp:
individually and in
a slideshow.

Native Vision

I like this one the best.  It’s a shot of A., a young
pre-camper who traveled with her family from Oklahoma.  Two of the
athlete/coaches from each sport were talking on the microphone during lunch on
Friday.  When one of them asked the campers, "Are you having a good time?"
(or something), nearly everyone shouted "Yeah!" emphatically.  Not A.
(pictured here, in red).  She was grouching because her mom and dad
wouldn’t let her interrupt the speakers to get a picture.  Can’t blame her;
the microphone was inaudibly low, so there was all kinds of frolicking in the
stands.  Waited until the speakers were done to get this shot.


  1. My what a wonderful heart you have! Those children are blessed to share your spirit – and you theirs. Photos are great. I think I like the photo with “A” the best too.

  2. I enjoyed the camp just a bit more this year than I have in previous years. I haven’t been coaching basketball for a year, so I was generally more relaxed (giving 9/10 to fun, 1/10 to technical matters). The camp usually spends two years at a site before rotating to another one. The second year is generally better organized with a better turnout. This was the second year in Bernalillo. The second year in Whiteriver, Ariz., however, was when we were evacuated because of the Rodeo-Chadiski fire (2002?), so the unusual circumstances disrupted the camp. Not sure yet where it’ll be next year, but I find it easy to be excited about it no matter where it sets up.

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