Droppings (as Rhetoric)

I don’t want to make light of

this method
for achieving peace; I’m more curious than anything about the idea that a
fly-by air-drop of millions of folded paper birds would calm embattled factions
in southern Thailand. 

Encouraged by the government, Thais across the country
Cabinet ministers, office workers, schoolchildren and even convicts folded
more than 130 million birds to promote peace in the south. Approximately 30
million will be delivered by land.

While meant as a morale-booster for victims of
violence, Sunday’s origami airdrop resembled a treasure hunt. with prizes
offered for specially marked birds. People could trade lots of them in for
items ranging from cartons of milk to bicycles.

Especially coveted was one bird folded and signed by
Thaksin, which offered a scholarship if found by a child, or a job for an

And if it’s not found, it’s lost?

Added: More on the peace messengers. On bird: “All bandits must die.”