Still too lazy/occupied to muster a full blown entry, but these photos dumped
from the digital camera are a quality holdover.  First one is a look
at the falls.  Broke up the drive on Friday by stopping in Niagara for
an hour and a half.  Strolled around; ogled the view.  Delightful
weather for onlooking. American Falls are on the left; Niagara (Canadian?) Falls
on the right.  I can’t recommend the Planet Hollywood restaurant.  D.
discouraged me from photo-documenting the reason.  Go ahead; ask why.

Patched panorama

Here is my favorite pic from the trip.  On the way back
through Detroit, I passed on Syracuse memorabilia to my nephews.  The
orange wig was a hit–far more coveted than the stuffed Otto we brought.  In
the photo, older nephew T. is in a compromised position, holding fiercely to the
wig on his head and the wireless Nintendo controller in his left hand while
younger nephew T. goes for the two-for-one: choke hold and wig grab.  Oh so

Should have picked up two orange hairs