Gobbling SU

Twenty second eatery reviews:
1.  The Varsity.  Perfectly bad food.  Mmm. 
Affordable pizza by the slice, cheap beer in plastic cups, curious and
not-too-spicy wing sauce, an environ slathered in Syracuse memorabilia. 
Recommended by R. Brecke, the only SU alum on the faculty at my current U. 
And we ate there twice today: lunch and dinner.  Cholesterol?  No
worry.  All hospitals between the restaurant and the hotel.  Plus we
walked the long way back through campus this evening, stopping through Crouse
Hall to remember where things were and to read some of the postings and messages
on office doors.   
2. Munjed’s Middle Eastern Cuisine.  Lunched in the Westcott district yesterday. 
Ph. and I chomped spilly pockets of beef-lettuce-Mediterranean sauce.  Good
eats.  We’ll definitely be back.  D. tried out some kind of chicken on
a bed of hummus.  Different.  She would’ve ordered chicken and rice,
but they only serve it on Friday and Saturday.  Cool when restaurants have
odd menus with some stuff for specific days. 
3.  Genesee Inn continental breakfast.  Fruit, cereal, juice, coffee,
yogurt–name it.  All while looking out from the sixth floor concierge room
of the recently renovated hotel.  Genesee Inn’s a good fit.  Close to
campus (four blocks up the hill), clean.
4.  Alto Cinco in Westcott.  We almost ate there for lunch yesterday,
but it was so crowded that we slipped next door to Munjed’s.  A.C. is
popular; it was crowded when we returned in the evening (just down from T. &
T.’s house).  They serve handmade Mexican food.  Lots of choices on
the menu.  I tried the chicken mole.  Not bad, but next time I’ll try
something other than the mole.  The catfish burrito or chili relleno thing,

Other stuff:  D. and I started the day at the OCM-Boces admin offices on
Thompson Street (just south of the airport).  Drove up there because D.’s
calls from Missouri have been perfectly futile and we thought a drop-in would
get us closer to certification.  Missouri and New York don’t have a
reciprocity agreement, so there’s more processing involved.  Funny, we
chased around from building to building before we were referred to an elusive
"Elaine" in building A.  At the door, they pointed us to the conference
room, told us we could call "Elaine" at Ext. 6213.  "Elaine doesn’t see
people," said Doordesk.  "Sorry."  Surprise that Oz author L.
Frank Baum is from Chittenango, just a few minutes up the road?

An older couple in a minivan pulled up to a stop sign, rolled down a window,
and asked me where the Genesee Inn was.  "Go down to that light, take a
right, it’ll be on your right."  Sort of a turning point to give out
directions in a new town–especially considering that I was the one
puzzling over directions to the same hotel just three days ago. 

We formalized an offer on a house this afternoon.  Will see where that
leads.  Figure it’s a toss-up since another offer was promised around the
same time.  Should know more by the end of next week. Tomorrow we’ll snake
back through Western New York and Ontario to Detroit.  Rest of the drive on
Saturday.  May usual blogging resume before long (remember the good
ol’ usual days at EWM?).


  1. Glad to hear it. Hope we can grab lunch one more time before either of us packs the final box. -DM

  2. Yes, gimme a holler. I’ve changed my cell to a 417 number. The best thing is to send e-mail to: arcline -at- you_know_the_domain.net 🙂 Gotta keep the spam down. I’m good any day excpet weekends until the 23rd.

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