Miscalculations ?

In the past three years and eleven months, I’ve set an out of office message just once before today, last September when I was nursing a return to the living from a zap of unconfirmed covid. Posted a second out of office today–sort of like a plastic snow fence meant to change around the snarling gusts and to plant instead curlicue drifts, a ripple in the timescape and a change of pace. See, I guessed it would be an enormous lift, these six years of faraway parenting, travel to Michigan and back and then to Virginia and back. I’m at the end of year four of a promise to do this for six. Foresight being 20/60 (or worse), I did not foresee the pandemic or the toll of carrying out so much summertime hiring (love the colleagues; exhausted by the searches)–now up to 32 faculty since Summer 2019, eight months before the big pivot. Out of office. July 2022 will be time with Is., reading, +2 spreads on the next book project, swims at Claytor Lake, daily yoga, rest, sun. #ninety #twice