We’re counting today Is.’s third-and-a-third birthday, or forty monthsday, depending upon how you keep time (or, rather, how you talk about how you keep time). By “counting,” I also mean “celebrating”: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Chocolate frosting with yellow cake. A second slice for me because I missed lunch this afternoon; played basketball instead. In loosely gramophonic terms, the 3⅓ conjures associations with vinyl records, scratchy tracks (“loosely” because that would be 33.333 , but I doubt anybody reading is on decimal patrol over kiddo’s moment of thr33phoria). We don’t own a record player. We don’t own any vinyl records. Nevertheless, Is. paraded around the carpet square in the basement to Laurie Berkner’s “Five Days Old,” which you can listen to here, neverminding the curious animations. The only reason I post it is that there will no doubt be more: more celebrating, more frosting, more Berkner loops, more Long Play.

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  1. I like just about everything of hers that I hear (which is everything of hers that is played on the channel formerly known as Noggin).

    Happy 3 & 1/3 to Is. She’s a real cutie. Loved the Gertrude Stein reading vid.

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