Older, Wiser

An impressively long and heartening string of birthday wishes poured in today
over on Facebook. Add to that a couple of phone calls, a couple of cards, lunch
with friends, and an improvised cake+ice cream social with Is.’s neighborhood
pals, and, well, turning thirty-five hasn’t gone too badly. In fact, it
has all in all been pleasant.


  1. I didn’t say it on FB but will say it here: Happy birthday! It sounds like a perfect day to me.

  2. Thanks, Clancy. It was a good day. I didn’t mention it yet, but I was given as a gift a slick pocket pedometer, too, just the thing to amp up my geekiness ever so slightly. Might put it to use for a “quantified self” project one of these days with vital statistics, such as how many steps I walk as a first-year assistant professor, etc.

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