Today is Monday of Spring Break.

I started the day at the YMCA.  D. took Is. to "Short Sports," where
Coach Tina yelled out colors and then everyone ran to the hula hoop of
that color and put one foot inside the circle. The hula hoops were lying flat on
the floor, like big Os:

O    O    O    O
    O    O    O  
O    O    O    O 

Meanwhile, I went to the fitness room and ran on the treadmill until I fell.
You’re probably thinking I ran 10 or 11 miles, was tired, stumbled from fatigue. 
Not so.  And in case
you are worried about me, I’m fine, although I later realized the skin-matter
from the full length of my left shin must still be pasted to the conveyor belt. 
That, or some poor soul fresh off a jog has it stuck to the soles of their tennis shoes at this very moment.

I don’t even like running.

Tomorrow, it will be Tuesday of Spring Break. Time to pack!

Because later this week I will jet to San Francisco for the annual CCCC convention,
making it the second consecutive "break" I’ll spend at a conference in SF. I’m
counting on a powerful wave of enthusiasm to sweep over me, oh, sometime late Wednesday.


  1. i miss that video. thanks for bringing it back from the past. sorry to hear of your leg, but what doesn’t kill us makes us cry in frustrating agony and pain, right? Hope that didn’t happen to you. . . .

  2. I like the video, too. Nah, the spill was not shriek-inducing. More of an out-of-body, “Whoa, what the hell?” A good scrape to show for it, and probably the 30 onlookers were startled. Reminded me I would do well to spend a whole lot less time on the treadmill.

  3. You’ve provided me some good tension here: 1) a reason to NOT hate treadmills (what a cool video) and 2) yet ANOTHER reason to hate treadmills (ouch!).

  4. I like the video – I think I will try that at the gym tomorrow. Everyone will be impressed. Hope your leg is healing and you enjoy your trip to SF.

  5. I thought about it, Steve, then decided I’d already attracted more than my share of unwanted attention.

    And on top of it all, I managed to score a bona fide sprained ankle in a pick-up basketball game last night, just in time for hoofing it all around SF for the Cs. Perhaps it’s time I give up more than the tread mill.

  6. Indeed. But somehow the hills don’t seem as steep as when I was here for MLA just a couple of months ago. Other than giving my talk, there’s nothing to keep me from propping my leg and watching Bravo for hours and hours. Nice to have that as an option.

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