Comfort Inventory 6

In typical C.I. fashion, a list:

  • Is. asked to play this song over and over and over today.  And at
    lunch she kept saying, "Tee-ka-lee."
  • Grades. Check.
  • To cap the semester, a meeting tomorrow and a mock in-person interview
    on Friday. Mock: I am to sport a turtleneck and then all of my questioners
    heckle me about the answers when it’s over. Kidding aside, I’m grateful for
    the simulations.
  • In the spring I will be teaching an online section of WRT205 associated
    with University College.  I have some decisions to make.  Today
    I’ve been thinking about a focus on attitude: worldview, manner (a
    split of Burkean agency), and so on.  I saw something about Carol
    Dweck’s Mindset, but it also could tie in with a whole range of stuff:
    cool studies, believing/doubting, standpoint theory, perspective. 
    Due to my insufferable pre-course-configuring nomadism, tomorrow I will be thinking something else, no doubt. The semester begins
    January 12, which means I have until 11:30 p.m. on January 11th to make up
    my mind.
  • WRT195ers finished last week with Pecha Kucha presentations–re-makes of
    their six week sustained research projects.  The switch from the
    textually intensive "paper" to the visually intensive and improvised
    presentational-performance: a hit, and something I’d definitely like to do
  • One of the presentations included the uncanny (and unintended)
    substitution of "digital naives" for "digital natives" (on a slide). I know
    Weinberger has mentioned "digital naives" before, but it was sort of a
    surprise fit here in that the point was made in the context of the adeptness
    of "digital natives."
  • My bags are packed and ready for MLA later this month.
  • No, no they’re not.  That’s a joke (a real side-splitter, I’m sure,
    for anyone both type A and on the market).  But I do have the itinerary
    for a trip embedded in another trip: first to Detroit by car, then to SF by
    plane, then back to Detroit by plane, and "home" to Syracuse by car.
  • Is. has been busy at the whiteboard sketching humanoids.



  1. D, glad to see you’re teaching for us in the spring! Quick reminder though (Mike putting on his professional hat), while the semester does begin on January 12 (and you have the leisure to take until 11:30 p.m. on January 11 to make up your mind), you are required to post at least a syllabus and open the open the course space for preview no later than January 5 (one week prior to the start of the semester. I don’t think you were included in the pre-semester email to spring 09 online faculty.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I should be able to have most of it ready by the 5th.

    Say, do you know whether we’re explicitly required to use Blackboard? I’m thinking of using Moodle instead, and I haven’t been able to find anything that says unequivocally that I must use BB.

  3. i love the mixing of personal and professional in this post. the image (both of your daughter and the humanoid) is precious 😉

    good luck w/ the job search.

  4. Thanks, Bonnie. I’ve been finding it difficult to unmix the two of late.

    And, Jo, it seems so. It’s not settled as far as I know, but she does seem to prefer her left hand for drawing, coloring, painting, and so on. Who knows how much genetics plays a part in handedness (somebody, probably, just not *me*), but I have some left-handed tendencies myself. Never did hold a pencil “correctly”, even after years and years of goofy finger positioners designed to convert me into a righty through and through.

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