1. Wow! Is. has become a little girl while I was paying attention! Riding ponies and everything. What a sweetheart.

  2. Gotta love the blue skies of Indian summer. Erin and Madelyn went to an apple orchard last week; cider, apples, apple butter. Our porch is full of pumpkins. Last night we went to a party where two folks brought apple crisp. Good stuff.

  3. I’ll bet you ran into the Apple Festival traffic going to Beak and Skiff. One year we accidentally went on the Saturday of Apple Festival and the traffic was unbelievable.

  4. Yeah, Donna, she even decided without influence from anyone that Debbie was the pony she wanted to ride on. Almost grown.

    We’ve been on an all-family apple bender for the last 24 hours. No pumpkins around here yet, though. There’s another local farm we’d like to get to for that, maybe next Sunday afternoon.

    And Jo, by pure luck we came in from the other direction (along Onondaga Road). When we left, we saw that the traffic was a stand still from Tully back onto 81S. Much to our relief, we avoided it.

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