With Pet

I’ve decided I won’t include a personal photo with my dossier during the upcoming (er, is it really October already?…) in-progress job search. However, if I was going to include a photo, it would have to be one of the following. Maybe #7.

Yoki posing

We snapped these few shots using the camera’s auto-timer back in 2006 when 1.) I apparently had time on my hands and 2.) academic photos with pets (appearing in places like conference programs) was more fashionable than at any other time before or since1. Y. and I agree that if we had it to do over again, he would sit still and look at the camera.

1 This is an intuitive guess, a hunch. I do not have any data whatsoever to establish the frequencies of “with pet” photos of academics in any conference program.


  1. I like #6, but #7 does have a certain charm. 😉

    Do people really include photographs in their dossiers? Maybe I should head to Glamourshots?

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