Do You Believe In Now?

Detroit Lions training camp begins today, and the title above–word
has it
–is the banner material leading their 2008-2009 charge toward the NFC

What, no playoffs, you say? In that case, "Do you believe in now?" will
be their slogan as they surge to a week eight "pundit’s mention" of a slim
that they will make the post-season. Right: like last year.

Sean Yuille of Pride of Detroit
puts it this way:

Detroit undoubtedly could have come up with something that doesn’t draw
instant mocking, but that’s exactly what happened with the slogan as most
people answer the question with "no." To be specific, 77% of over 1000
people voted no in a poll on Pride of Detroit that featured the Lions’
slogan. That means well over 800 people do not believe in now, which should
come as no surprise.

Believe in now? I’m clinging to the response, "yes until no," which
means that I, for one, believe in now about the same as I believed in any Lions’
season since I was old enough to have beliefs (I can’t pinpoint the date, but
the very possibility of belief in the Lions’ chances must’ve come about during
the Chuck Long era).

Now? Not a whole lot more than then. Yet, sadly, I will persist
in my Lions fandom, so, ‘yes’ for the duration of training camp at the very

Added: Also, there is this, which includes this:


  1. I believe in the tender, sticky chewies known as Now & Later.

    Go Loins!

  2. It seems like anything is possible in the NFC North this year. Now just might be the time to believe.

    -this comes from a Bears fan who knows that I can’t believe in now here in Illinois.

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