Notch for Orange, Notch for the Belt of Verbs

Syracuse’s home win over the Hoyas earlier today inspired thoughts of a
verb to add to the belt:

The Orange clowned No. 8 Georgetown, 77-70, in front of a
season-high 31,327
fans at the Carrier Dome.

Clown as verb: to subject to ridicule, to cause another to appear silly, etc.
Unlike evidence and discourse (as verbs), it is improbable that I will ever sneak clown or
clowned into the academic prose.

Nevertheless, in celebration of the upset, go on, add it to your belt of

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  1. Fabulous! I always have great success when explaining to sports fans that I want them to use active, precise verbs–to think like a sportscaster. (That sentence got away from me, but I’m too tired to revise.)

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