Albatross Phase

Forty-eight hours remain in what I am now describing as the Albatross Phase
of Chapter Four: prepping the data. These forty-eight hours will from now on be known as the “this stinks” leg of the Albatross Phase. Line by line, separating names from author-citations (after omitting "ed." and "eds." and filling in names for the 70+ et al.s in the batch. By the end of Friday, I need to get to the last item, no. 15,082, so that my plan will not become rubbish. Right now I am on no. 8,283. I will go to bed tonight when I reach 10,000–a measure of progress that will put me in coasting mode for Thursday and Friday’s paces–so that I can kick back, smile, and savor the overcoming of “this stinks.”


  1. The initial comment that i nearly posted was something like: “Dude! WTF are you doing?!”

    Then I went to your handy-dandy lil homepage and read your diss abstract…

    I thought I had a sense of what you were up to for your diss. I was wrong. Cool stuff, man! Really cool!

    My favorite part of the abstract: “hullabaloo”(p. 9). I think more scholars should try to finagle words like hullabaloo in with serious theoretical work.

  2. Heh, I wonder whether someone somewhere (other than me) is cringing that “hullabaloo” was left in there. Oy. Ah, well.

    The project has strayed every so slightly from the abstract, but it’s not a bad account of what I’m buried in these days. Chapter Four: graphs. Here’s hoping it comes together in the weeks between now and March 1.

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