When For The Second Consecutive Day

Frontrunning Frequenter II

Unexpected potential here for a prolonged and increasingly hilarious series. Who really looks at site statistics every day, anyway?


  1. ha! actually, i check my stats every day. i’m always interested in how people come to my page -what terms or links deliver them to my place. i don’t advertise the fact that i’m doing this sort of “tracking,” because i don’t want folks to think that i’m spying on their activity. but sometimes it’s a useful way of making sure i stay engaged in any dialogues that i’m part of or that folks want me to be a part of…

    as well, though i don’t have nearly the readership that you (and *many* others) have, i’ve actually noticed a pleasant lil spike in visits and page views the last few months. [for some perspective, though, it was only this month that Wind Farm received it’s 13,000th visitor.]

  2. You know, I was thnking about this. I jump over to blogs when they have been updated, and I’m alerted to the updates through Bloglines. If it doesn’t appear there, I don’t typically jump to the blog . . .

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