Blog Restoration

As far as I can tell, I have patched up the templates following the blog meltdown the other day. You didn’t notice? Oh. Most of the index template disappeared. I couldn’t find a backup. Because of this I didn’t post for a couple of days.

With this version, I have tried to clean up the CSS, and I got rid of most of the table elements. Never needed them in the first place, but they were, at the time, a quick-and-easy way around building a three-column layout with CSS. I tried that several months ago, but didn’t have time to get deep into the CSS and so let tables do the super-structuring. Now I have just one table element in the templates–a simple table used in the header for the archives because I was having trouble getting the subtitle to align.

This is it for now. Notice I have dropped most of the knick-knacks from the front page. It’d gotten too busy, too jam-packed up front. I’ve kept all of the pieces, put them elsewhere, accessible from the horizontal menu. I have a few other issues to fix, but they can wait.

I found it surprisingly easy to set up all of the templates so they now draw from files on the server rather than from the database. This makes them easier to back-up and easier to edit in batches. I should have done this many moons ago but I have a million good reasons for delaying it. I didn’t need any more motivation than half of a template file up and vanishing (I know, I deleted it, but I didn’t catch myself in the act, which deserves worry unto itself).