Bad and Good in Equal Proportion

Good: Ph. and the NHS soccer team participated in a four team preseason
scrimmage earlier today and went 3-0.
Bad: I am picking, spreadsheet line by spreadsheet line, through data-tat-tat–536…537…538… article authors who published in CCC
since 1987.
G: Ph. rode his bike to soccer practice yesterday.
B: The cheap-o combination lock he used to secure the bike during practice
refused to open at the end of practice.
G: Ph. walked home and reported the sad news of the stranded bike.
B: We drove back to the park and tried 45 or so of the 10,000 possible
four-digit combinations before returning home for the hacksaw.
G: I had inspiration for a
mysterious entry.
B: Nobody inquired as to why we were on the lookout for police: stealing a bike
of one’s own, broad daylight, public park.
G: WRT105 last night. Quite the group! An encouraging first class session.
B: Do you know how long it took to saw Ph.’s bicycle loose yesterday?
G: I created a

B: ""
G: Ph.’s soccer schedule came out the other day. I have posted it down a
couple of scroll-motions on the left sidebar.
B: All but two of the home games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday
evenings–while I am teaching.