Falls Route

Yesterday we found ways to extend what would ordinarily be a six-and-a-half hour
drive from Syracuse to Detroit to a full ten hours. Those extra three-and-a-half
hours were filled up with some of the following:

  • a break from driving at the falls;
  • construction on the 403 near Hamilton;
  • a fender-bender-gawking slowdown near Brantford;
  • stopping to eat;
  • more than an hour at the Sarnia-Port Huron border.

Smooth-going, all in all, but I’ll think twice before driving westward during
the afternoon and evening hours on a clear-skied summer solstice again.

Here are a few photos, courtesy of Ph.

Niagara on Summer Solstice

American Falls

Bird Watching

Diaper Park


  1. I’ve been driving a lot this summer, and while slow-downs are just a part of the game, I have really come to loathe the gawker slow-downs (or was that the slow-down gawkers?).

    Great pictures, btw.

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