1. I’m not claiming to be one or the other, but I find it to be very entertaining to just watch the two groups bashing each other. Bottom line, if you think you can do a better job, quit talking about it, and do it.

  2. I have a far greater tolerance for political humor than I do for most of the punditry, talking heads, and pseudo-debates. And this piece is interesting to me not only because it makes use of satire and burlesque, but also because of the use of flash for various compositional effects.

    As for DIY politics, you know I’d say that the degrees between talk and action are smaller than we usually presume them to be (probably even taking it as far as talk is an important kind of action, which is why we shouldn’t disparage it). Also, I’d consider running for public office if I was independently (er, even dependently) wealthy, but the fact is, I’m broke. So my politicking boils down to voting, blogging, and occasionally jeering at nincompoopiticians.

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