Shoot. I almost forgot. I can’t let the day get away without
mentioning Is.’s .333ieth
birthday today. That’s right: four months.

The past two days have been especially, er, babyful in that she and I have
spent full days together while D. fills in at the school. I made
the mistake yesterday of being lured out into the unseasonable tropical winds of late
November (balmy 67-degrees; no kidding) with Is.-in-stroller and Y. on the leash
for a half hour walk. At the precise moment when we were farthest from the
house, Is. let go with a series of raging shrieks so alarming even Y. didn’t
know whether to cover his head with his paws or run for help (no, I’ve watched
Lassie; Lassie he. is. not.). Pausing for attempts to console her only
made matters worse. Sheepishly and at a quickened pace, we pressed on until home

And today. To-day! I will spare you the vivid and surprising details.
Seriously, you wouldn’t believe me. Come to think of it, maybe this one is best
presented in a list:

  • A leaking event.
  • HazMat suit?
  • Every day of four months old!
  • The diapers, they are each printed with one prominent Sesame Street character on the front.
  • Cookie Monster will never be the same.
  • Replaced by Elmo or Zoe (does it matter?).


  1. clearly Is has grown out of her diapers. (?) and the way you have discovered said growth is because the current size cannot hold the capacity she is able to now distribute? 🙂 Fun stuff, man!

  2. No diaper, M., would’ve contained this extraordinary event. Unless you take into account Diaper “B”, aka my t-shirt. I even had to come up with a new word to explain it: transcendiaperal.

    Is.’s just twelve pounds and 24″; been in size twos for only a couple of weeks.

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