What Mater’s Most

In a rare basketball exhibition last night between mater1 and mater2,

, in overtime.

Because they’ve never played, the significance of this result–even for an
exhibition–is that a modest NAIA program won a dab of respect by outshining the
only NCAA Div. I program between Columbia and Lawrence, even if the Roos are a
low-mid major practically unknown to the world outside Kansas City. Park has a
second-year coach, two transfers from CMU, and a few other guys I coached, knew as
campers, or played with during my seven year stint working in athletics at mater1.
Of course, it’d be equally satisfying for mater1 to bounce Wm. Jewell
this weekend, now that my expectations for a good season have been piqued.
Apparently that’s what winning does, converting impassivity to alumni pressure

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  1. What? No Lost commentary? No: the show’s taken on soap-opera like traits? No: what kind of cliff-hanger is this? No….

    An ok episode. Not quite the hype…but who is this Jacob fellow…is it HIM?

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