Demon Casting

It’s probably just the thing I deserve for entertaining even the slightest
interest in SU’s season opener. I kept one eye on the game via’s
Gamecast, and, as you can see for yourself, the cast, which reported, much to my
suspense and jubilation, a 24-24 draw down the stretch, turned out to be in
error. Wake Forest wins,
Cruel, ESPN.  Just plain cruel.

Tie! Tie! Tie?

Ah, but wait.  Not all of my fall sports optimism is dashed. A former
student (McLaughlin) put
Park past John
Brown U.
with a goal in the 87th minute this afternoon. Nice!


  1. Would’ve been, but Ph.’s game at Utica was rained out. Dwindling Ernesto 1, Nottingham Season Opener 0. Unless you’re referring to the unusually close game between Iowa and Montana.

  2. Thats a bummer for Syracue. It would have been nice if they won but I guess thats life.

  3. Yeah, it would have been nice for them to win, so that they could have been 1-1 after next week’s debacle!! Guess which cap I’ll be sporting this week?


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