Wondering Now

I just turned in my final project for the fall semester–a look at Social
Network Analysis adapted as methodology for rhet/comp.  Hard-line SNA
researchers often turn to mathematical sociology (half-seriously, I liken it to
discourse analysis, peopled), heavy with formulas as probabilities for
activity/system/org-phenomena, structural equivalence, and so on. 
Basically, I wanted to sort the more general areas of network studies from SNA,
tie in a few definitional pieces and key concepts, stake out the methodological
layers of a few SNA-oriented future projects, get grounded.  Been a good
project for that.  And yes, some relief in its completion.  Before the
weekend, I have some grading to pace through; alongside that, leisure reading, a
light read-ahead for the spring, and maybe a few days in Michigan at the end of
the month if Ph. doesn’t have hoops practice.

I didn’t realize this would turn into another update (updates heaped upon
updates lately).  But it does bring me to something I noticed on a science
workbook laying open on D.’s workspace earlier.  She’s plotting out the finer
points of a science lesson for tomorrow.  The book, it has sets of
questions to go with each of the labs.  Usual stuff.  Except the final
question for every unit: What are you wondering now?

What are you wondering now?  Ought to end all semesters
(projects, blog entries, etc.) that way.


  1. Congrats, Derek. I know that was a heavy burden on you 🙂 I, too, am glad to have that paper checked off the list. Though I can’t say I am done yet…

  2. Last year at this time I was working under a different load. Few things add up like taking three and teaching two (and doing justice to it all).

    Oh, and glad to see you’re blogging. I didn’t know!

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