is back on the scene with a recent beta release.  I don’t know that it was ever completely off the scene, but I dropped my map sometime in the spring because it didn’t seem to be updating any longer. It’s quite likely that
they’ve worked around some of the problems they had late last fall with
high-traffic maphogs, sluggish updates and so on, although my current (re-added today)
ClustrMap’s reflection of two visits since July 27 suggests there’s still a
glitch or two with the beta rollout.  Or much worse, it’s accurate, meaning
that I’ve had just two visitors in 19 days (welcome to both of you, if that’s
the case).  Yet another (highly likely) possibility, you actually have to
have the map showing on your site for the visits to reflect.  Either way,
the beta release is available to others by invitation only from existing users. 
And so, since I signed up last October, I have two invitations
available–exactly enough to pass along to both of you.  No, seriously, if
you want a ClustrMap, just drop in a comment, and I’ll have one of the sign-ups
sent to your email.


  1. Hi… Marc Eisenstadt here from the ClustrMaps team… thanks for the mention and pointer; just wanted to say that your hunch is absolutely correct, when you say: “Yet another (highly likely) possibility, you actually have to have the map showing on your site for the visits to reflect. “. Yes, indeed… check how the ‘how it works’ section for details:

    all the best..


  2. I figured as much, Marc, and so I appreciate that your comment clarifies that this was a user issue (i.e., all my fault) rather than anything faulty with your project. I’m actually quite happy to see hitmaps back as clustrmaps, and I hope others will take advantage of visual-geographic traffic mapping.

  3. Done. You should get the invitation, Joachim. When I logged in, I found that Clustrmaps upped the invitations from two to five, so I have three more to give if anyone who stumbles across this entry is interested.

  4. Hi,

    I’ve been waiting for Hitmaps to resurface for quite a while, and glad they did! I’m presently using Geoloc but like the location specific graphics of the new Clustrmaps better, so if you have still have an invite, I’d love to give it a try!


  5. Mason and Andy, each of your invitations went through a few minutes ago. Just when I thought that should be the end of the line, I see that Clustrmaps has gifted me with five more invitations.

    Thanks for making a few of yours available too, Collin. When the requests exceed my allowance, I’ll forward them your way.

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