A couple of PHP modules just for kicks:

First, at Pholph’s Scrabble Generator, via MGK, you input a few words and it returns the corresponding scored letter tiles.  My name totaled a mere twenty points—hardly anything to celebrate.  Still, I’m
grateful that it’s a K5 instead of an L1 or another E1 to round off my first name.  That’d have been terrible.

And second, for the repressed generative grammarian in you, at Syntax Tree you can use a combination of nested brackets to diagram sentences.  Nobody does that anymore?  Oh.  Well, in that case, you could game the module and use it to tree-structure just about anything. 

And although focused activity lasting for more than one hour may occur rarely with PHP modules such as these, it is important to seek something else to do immediately if you find yourself dawdling with them for any longer.