SUNY-Albany: Torch?

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Just home from the Humanities and Technosciences Conference at SUNY-Albany. I’ll try to say more later on, but until then, these are most of the photos. We pulled an over and back, so it was an early morning, and I’m spent from the anticipatory buildup, the paper-giving rush, and the slow fade of energy that follows. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll post from my talk–notes, text, podcast, slideshow. Yeah.

And I think D., Ph. and I are going to head across the park, take in an evening performance of Caryl Churchill’s Fen in the Schine Underground on campus. Read Fen seven years ago in my first MA seminar; wrote a fine little paper called “Val’s Fifty-Six Pounds: Fashioning a ‘Congenial Environs’ in Fen.” If all goes as planned, I’ll have something to say about that later, too. And if not, it just means that I’m busy writing another paper, piling through the stack of reading for the upcoming week.