Moore: Whenever I can, I prefer to do nothing

Michael Moore was on campus Wednesday evening speaking in rotation as part of
SU’s fall lineup on humor.  Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau spoke just one night
earlier, I think.  I missed both events;  too damn much going on.

A colleague and new friend in the writing program, knowing I was sorry to
miss the event, hit me with a brief review of Moore’s talk along with this link
to the report in the Daily Orange: "Filmaker
rehashes politics in Dome speech."

[Oh yeah and: Requires login: use to gain access to the full article.]

I would like to have observed some of the call and response interactions between Moore and the audience, but other than that, the coverage suggests this visit was what
you’d expect from M.M.–provocation, flippancy, and polemics sweetened with
rhetorics of humor.

Though the crowd seemed to be mostly in support of Moore, he
didn’t escape occasional heckling. After Moore finished calling Bush an ATM
for the rich, one person yelled, "Why don’t you give back some of your
money?" When he told the audience that it was best to turn off the TV for
everything other than "The Daily Show," another person called out,
"How much did you get for that one?"