North by Southeast

Great news
for land surveyors in the NY Times today.  Seriously,
though, I have no idea what it all means or whether there are merits to the
science (which is clearly speculative, inconclusive, foretelling of widespread
catastrophes, etc.).  Because I’ve often thought of things like the Earth’s
gravitational polarity as stable, it’s wild to consider re-polarization, the
shift of magnetic North over time (see the multimedia link), and, in a
crazy-shaken world, the effect of knuckle-ball Earth spin in the millennia
ahead. So much for East meets West; East is West (granted…always has


  1. This is old news. I’ve seen a re-run on it already on “Nova”, or one of those science documentaries. One thing is certain, science has done an excellent job of proving itself wrong over the centuries. Haven’t seen any birds crashing into the ground yet and my compass still points North (within 6 degrees). However, a bird did crap on my head once, thereby proving that gravity still works.

    Sir Iaac, where are you now?


  2. Lots of anecdotal evidence on birds crashing. I must have missed the old episode of Nova.  What, did it air back when all the interesting programs came on past my bedtime? 

    Too bad about the bird crap incident.  I had no idea.

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