Chilling After the Missouri’s Origin

Following the Lewis
& Clark re-enactment
?  Me either, but for their reservation to stay
the night in one of the gymnasiums on campus this weekend.  After the
initial request, they got the Old Gym: Labor Hall. One room, 94′ long. It’s
historically appropriate–dusty, bugs, cobwebs.  What…rustic accommodations
won’t do? The re-enactors prefer the air-conditioned gymnasium for the
weekend?  Just as well.  Nobody else is cooling off in there.  To
the river’s source! 


  1. Oh my, you have been busy. I just finished reading your “100 things”. I hadn’t seen it before. I love Reeces Peanut Butter Cups too. Take care.

  2. Busy, yes. But that’s okay. Any other pace and I get bored. The 100 Things list is a meme I followed a few months ago. Reading back over it, I’d say it reflects heavily the family stuff that was on my mind throughout that day or two when I wrote it. In fairness to the way it introduces me, I sometimes feel compelled to grow the list, to tack on the five or ten things deserving a place there with each new week. And I continue to enjoy the photos at your blog. They remind me 1.) that I’m a farce photographer and 2.) that even if I never *go* to Boone, N.C., I’ve seen some terrific glimpses of the place.

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