The Teacher Broke Free

(pronounced Mc-fur-son): A friend called today
to solicit my opinion on

McPherson, Kansas
.  I said I had been there only once.  My
impression: churches, train tracks, small town tidiness, two smallish colleges. 
But I was only there for a few hours.  There’s a KFC near the Interstate. 
Friend wanted to know what people do for fun in McPherson.  Suppose I don’t
know the answer to that.  So I did some online research, found they have
a pipe band and
an art gallery
.  The weather is beautiful in late August.  Maybe
it’s better to direct the question to somebody who knows.  So, McPherson,
Kansas, what do you do for fun?

Retro-scholarship: Revisit

walk-on policies

The Teacher Broke Free
: Seems that a group of five students at a nearby high
school attempted to tape their English teacher to a chair as a senior prank. 
One of the television reports suggested that the day was cast as a free day of
preparation for the final exam.  It’s a relief nobody was hurt, and, of
course, it’s in poor taste make light of it.  But I am curious what was on
the exam.  Did they still take the test?

1/350: Here’s a pic from Tuesday afternoon of Ph. at his first track meet. 
It’s a blur.  Set the shutter speed to multi-frame, but the light (cloudy)
and distance (top row of bleachers) weren’t in our favor.  No retakes at a
track meet.  I won’t say whether he won or where he finished; he’s depicted
with momentary potential to win the event.  Tracksters qualified from their
respective gym classes then merged into a seventh-eighth grade combine. 
Here, in the 200-meter, Ph. (left) had long strides, but you can see he was
running against long-legged giants.