This page serves as a collector for a small handful of illustration series I’ve been playing along with throughout the pandemic. I draw for an hour or 90 minutes most nights. The lines add up.

Pandemic Bestiary

After several months of playing around in Procreate, I developed a series of twelve drawings in between April 5 and April 24, SMSing one every other day or so to Ph. and Is. as a pandemic good-morninggram. Each drawing is named with a verb and its number in the series (e.g., Protect #1). The initial goal was to create a set of twelve. I continued beyond that though with no particularly clear exigence or goal.

Poolside Series

As Summer 2020 surrendered to ridiculous and unprecedented work demands, I began to miss time in the water. I remained in Virginia, away from Michigan’s lakes, and reduced significantly the number of swims I might’ve enjoyed otherwise. Made it to Claytor Lake twice. 😪 That’s it. The series carries over the bestiary into a pool view, aerially surveilled not unlike the pool at the Michigan condo made unavailable by the pandemic.

Fasciashed Mesh Series

The masked-unmasked figures in this series conjured themselves as expressions of the everyday–work pressures, a shooting and standoff near to where I was staying in Michigan in September 2020, toggled themes exploring absurdities, grotesques, and (dis)symmetries. 🎭

Institutional Service Tarot (IST) Deck

Institutional Service Tarot (IST) is a lampoon gift deck rendered from markerboard drawings I made in my Pray-Harrold Hall office at Eastern Michigan University between 2011-2013. They are meant as good humored reminders to pre-tenure and teaching faculty to let others carry a fair measure of the water, so to speak. They are available for purchase at I’m very early in learning how the purchasing portal works, but as soon as I have a handle on that, I will update with a note about where the proceeds from this experiment will go.