Monday, January 6, 2014


This, THIS, is what it feels like to celebrate a 10th blogiversary. And how it feels to read an entry on a ten-year-old--hang on a second...feeling catching my And how it feels to leave a comment on a ten-year-old blog (c'mon, people, when was the last time?). Also a glimpse of how well (or poorly?!) Movable Type has aged.


Seems like I should be able to come up with somethinganything important sounding, some epideictic gloss on all that blogging has been and all that it will be, on how blogging has died and come back and died again and come back so many times since about 2006 that it's hard to keep track of whether it is alive or dead right now. Let me guess: alive. Proof enough that blogs, until deleted or lost in upgrades and platform roulette or suspended in an ambiguous cryogenic limbo, are their own dead-living monuments.

Exactly ten years ago I was applying to PhD programs. Owned a house on Missouri 9 Highway in Kansas City. Coached Ph.'s 7th grade basketball teams (Stampede Green and Stampede Blue). Taught as a part-time lecturer. Now am going up for tenure. Own a house in Ypsilanti. And I wear an old Stampede Blue winter hat when I jog the neighborhood in sub-50F weather. Turning over from a 9-ending to a big-0 birthday, myself, in a few months, blog.

I know the entries aren't evenly spread across these ten years (nor are they likely to be for the next 10 years, although I promise a much bigger celebration in 2024), but thank goodness EWM marked off and has therefore helped me remember what happened, and happened, and happened. Just ten years in, I'm thinking, whatever else this is, it's memory.

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Congratulations! It sounds like life is going well in Ypsi. One major contribution that you can list is that your blog (pre-dates?) outlasted Delicious! So, now you're really cruising ahead.

I'm excited to see what you write in 2014.

Posted by: Andrew Stevens at January 16, 2014 11:00 AM

I think Delicious got its start in 2006, so yes, I guess that counts as a feather in the blogcap.

I know Delicious went through the whole rumored death thing a few years ago (meaning it should probably be added to this list, but, you know, it's still alive and well. It never went away! I know people fled it and went to a bunch of other platforms named things like Springboard and Tacky and Pinnr (maybe also Tackboard? or Pinboard?), but Delicious held on and came back from death's doorstep. The collection networks are not as robust as they once were, but I still see links from a few of the loyalists, and they've rolled out a few new, interesting features. As far as I'm concerned, it's almost as good as if ever was. All of this means that I have to keep blogging if I am going to outlast Delicious. And a dozen posts a year isn't exactly running away with things, but with as busy as the rest of work-life has become this year, thinking about blogging might continue to be as good as it gets.

Posted by: Derek at January 16, 2014 1:01 PM

The rumored death thing is becoming a common phenomenon. I'm curious to see how the internet changes over the next ten years. At least when I'm at the supermarket I know I'm looking at tabloids while checking out.

I think once a month is a rigorous and achievable goal. My blog has went silent for almost a year. We'll see if I can keep it up.

Hope to see you in person next time I'm in town.

Posted by: Andrew Stevens at January 16, 2014 2:28 PM