Monday, April 11, 2005

1, 2, 3, 4,

Most importantly, this is entry No. 301 at Earth Wide Moth.  Fifteen months, six days.  Three or four memorable entries and three or four forgettable ones.  The rest, writing.

On the subject of writing, I'm 3700 words committed to the 611 project, a draft of which is due to be shared on Thursday--opened to full-on blazing scrutiny.  Words: not to be confused with images.  But I have about five pages worth of visualizations to sprinkle in here and there. Should I be worried that I haven't yet said much about the specific method? Nah.  I'm going for the recipe-card paragraph close to the end; a list of steps, each of which must not exceed five words.  Plus, who wants to read a bunch of formulae: "To arrive at the standard deviation, take the square root of the number of...."  Yuck-oh.  I'd rather capture a .mov of me futzing around with a calculator and a spreadsheet and Flash until it was just right.

Too-much too-fast writing puts me in the spirit of photo-taking.  This afternoon, when it occurred to me that I might blog something or other today, I went and got the camera, looked out the window for a long time.  Nothing stirring (except the neighbor kid who spent two minutes waving a plastic saber at gnat-swarms, but his folks wouldn't appreciate me digitalizing him into blog-famy).  So I put the whole thing off.  Later (by which I mean 'just now') I zoned through an online content management meeting (the unveiling of a centralized content repository) for little more than an hour, because I'm picking up some online work with my old u. for the summer months.  From the meeting (which included a conference call): "Metadata? It's like a wrapper that surrounds content items."  Or rapper.  Or rapport. 


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