According to Google Analytics, this blog has taken hits from all U.S. states except Wyoming in the past month. I suppose it’s only fair to own up: I’ve neglected to develop many Wyoming attention-getters over the years, much less this month. So I tried to searchabout to find out what’s happening, tried to make sure everyone there is okay, and I learned about local controversy in Cody, Wyoming concerning Walmart’s liquor license. Apparently some think the Cody Walmart should be able to sell liqour, while others think it should not. A show on local radio station KODI provided a glimpse of the community divided on Friday when host David Koch took a call from an angry council member:

That prompted a call from council member Steve Miller, who repeatedly told Koch to “shut up” and also said “I am going to take you to the woodshed.”

See: things are heating up. By the way, the article shows the pronunciation of Koch as /cook/, which I understand to mean this is not the billionaire David Koch /coke/ who has been in the news this week. Who is to say whether billionaire David Koch would approve of liquor sales in the Cody Walmart?