Reading this evening about the 19231 beginnings of the Great Outdoor Fight in Bakersfield, Calif.:

Figuring that where there was noise, there must surely be money, [Ken]
Crandall decided to make the G.O.F. an annual event and become wealthy by
selling sandwiches  to the crowds who came to compete. He cleared an acre
of his land, put up a high chainlink fence around it, and distributed hastily
printed fliers throughout central California. An excited public quickly phoned,
mailed, or telegrammed the information not only throughout the nation, but
throughout the world. Newspapers in Italy ran sensational articles about the
"Festival of Beasts," while papers in China advertised trips to California so
that one might "Defeat Over Long-Time Dudes." (7)

Onstad, Chris. The Great Outdoor Fight. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse,