Seats and Fans

The Deadspin headline, “Mets Announce Largest Crowd In Citi Field History, Apparently beachball.jpgCounting Empty Seats As Fans,” intimates that seats cannot be fans. Yet the seats attend every game despite the weather. They are present for every pitch. They get sat upon, lines-of-sight blocked, schlepped with soda and mustard and nacho cheese, stepped on. What is more loyal, more devoted to the home team (e.g., the Mets) than a stadium seat? With new-vibrant materialism, game attendance should skyrocket. According to the object-oriented attendance-taker, the stadium was full! But the wonder-ful isotropy wobbles as it deflates, doesn’t it?, like an air-filled beach ball that has been patted and patted and patted for a few hours, until abandoned for slow-leaking it isn’t being patted any more (not even by the season-ticket-holding seats whose attendance did count).