Trails of Activation

No, I really don’t have time for puttering around with graphing software, so
that’s exactly what I did for a brief while yesterday, an insignificant gesture
of defiance at my own focus and production obsessions.  It is spring break
after all, a period of regenerative slothfulness.  Yet knowing that I have
to ease into slothfulness to avoid system shock, I watched a little basketball
while reading, trying to get ahead of the post-break reading load to avoid any
related trauma on down the line.  It all folds together–the slothful
regression, the read-ahead and NCAA hoops–this way, in what I’m calling trails
of activation.  Just a quick graphic generated by software from a
randomized list of stuff from Saturday.  I’d offer claims toward
intelligibility, but that would require effort and, therefore, undermine my
attempts to enjoy some overdue rest and relaxation.