Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Commenting with Audio

Over the last two days I've been reading and commenting in response to student work from two summer courses I'm teaching online.

I'm using a budget-friendly Labtec mic and the following settings in Audacity:

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Those Who Anyone Who

Last April I captured and posted a conference talk, but I think of this entry today as the first podcast at EWM--the first of a more general kind of jabbering that I might like to attempt once in a while. Of course, I can't make any promises about the mp3 file. I've listened to a few podcasts in recent months, and my reviews are very mixed. Still, I've been wanting to experiment with podcasting so that I can think more about how something like this might be used. Along with this entry, I'm at a messy stage of tinkering with an enclosure tag in the RSS template because I want to see if I can make the podcast available for subscription with iTunes.  This just means that if anything seems haywire it probably is. And it's probably my fault. And I can't guarantee when I'll restore order.

Added: I've found small success in that iTunes was able to use my general RSS2.0 feed to find the mp3 file and automatically download it (this is double cool because I can listen to myself over and over again in the headphones). So the MT-enclosure plugin works. But here's what I still don't know: should I make a second XML file exclusively for audio content? I'm not sure about this, but I don't want the audio content to muck up non-audio aggregation nor non-audio content to muck up audio aggregation. I also have to watch what this does to my server account's transfer limits. I mean, if hundreds of eager listeners download this podcast to their iPods...deep trouble for you know who.

Another thing: My commentary on the CTRL-Z problem reflects that I tend to use a PC. If you're on a Mac, the one to watch is AppleKey-Z--the equivalent high-risk combination.